Now do we have to dress up for the prom?/ Dude I dont think we have the choice/ Yeah it’s the night of all nights/ Gotta look just right {High School Musical 3 ‘A Night to Remember’}

Introducing the formal photos … yeah, high school made me do it. On Monday night I had my year 12 formal which in American terms is equivalent to senior prom. Having been on the formal committee, this night had been a year in the making and it was nice to finally see the venue, decorations, music and food in action. As you can see, the venue was super pretty and I wore a cream-ish strapless dress with a beaded-slash-sequinned bodice, ornate earrings, an Alexander Mcqueen inspired quilted clutch and taupe heels. The food read like pesto pasta for the entree, chicken escallops for main and ‘creme brûlée’ for dessert.  Highlights of the night included the Photo Booth which had a never ending line and the playlist which was pretty sweet 🙂 I know prom has basically become a rite of passage so if anyone feels let sharing, tell me your prom stories!

Photgraph Credits: My Dad and Lisa
sign off



  1. Karen,
    Your formal venue is super pretty! Your prom seems like much more of a formal event than mine did. For one, at my prom no one really sits down at the tables or eats at prom, everyone eats at fancy restaurants before and mostly people are on the dance floor or taking pictures at the photo booth. My theme was night in emerald city so our teachers were dressed as characters from Wizard of Oz and it was tacky but funny. And we also had a real monkey to take pictures with. haha!
    Did your formal have a theme? Anyways, lovely pictures!


  2. Nice formal dress! These pics are higher in quality than the ones I saw on FB. It’s hella elegant, and I love what you did with your hair.


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