Palm Springs / Suburbia


Now that I look at these photos, I realise they are quite leafy. The hedges, the South African lilies, the palm leaves on my skort – so much foliage, so little space. I think cutting is very important. Hedges need to be trimmed  for them to look attractive. Just like clothes have to be cut well in order for them to sit right on the body.

When I used to do textiles in high school, one of my favourite materials to work with was anything that did not fray with an exposed hem. Felt is kind of hard to find in tops so scuba is my next favourite thing because it allows for the most interesting cuts and cut outs like this grey high neck top. Paired with an envelope skort, this is actually a very functional outfit. Perfect for someone who likes to lift in fancy clothes. Jokes. But really, I look so ripped in the first picture that it would almost pass as the truth. :00

Oh and instead of a GIF today, you get two of me in one picture. What a time to be alive!

palmsprings1palmsprings3palmsprings4sign off



  1. You do look very ripped in the first pic! Love the cut of that top, so summery! Did you make clothes in high school? Would love to see since I’m completely inept at sewing 🙂 xx


    1. I know :/ haha!!! Yeah I actually made a formal dress but I’ve never worn it! Maybe I will when I start running out of things to wear on the blog. I actually sucked at sewing and textiles in general too and quit in senior years!


  2. I actually miss skorts, in high school we don’t have any! I love the palm tree print on your skorts they look absolutely lovely!


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