The 26th – A Style Tale of 2 Cities


I’m in Queensland at the moment enjoying a quick last minute relaxation sesh in the stunning Surfer’s Paradise. However this is a scheduled post and today I’m celebrating Australia day for the first time away from my home city! StyleSmorgasbord is celebrating Australia day with a collaboration with FrenchyByChelseaElizabeth – a lovely high school graduate (just like me!) who’s from Melbourne!

Sydney and Melbourne have had a rivalry that dates back to when we couldn’t figure which city to make the capital of Australia so we had to cut out a chunk of land between the two cities and call it Canberra. I have lived in both cities and although Sydney will forever have my heart, I do love the European specks that linger around the streets of Melbourne. This pinstriped short suit (is that the correct term because its definitely not a pant suit?!?!?!!) adds that extra kick to my otherwise super daggy patriotic tee! I also think its a good representation of Melbourne street style – lots of monochrome and shoulders.


If you’re not familiar with our cities, these mini interviews will give you a good fresh look at them. Sure, there’s the tourist spots but the locals know the gems.

My favourite food spot in Melbourne is… I am a big fan of Italian Cuisine, and eat pasta at least twice a week. D.O.C Espresso on Lygon Street is the perfect place for all of you pasta lovers. During my last year of high school I went to an Italian School just around the corner every week, and always dined there. I have almost tried every dish on the menu, but must admit that I can never go past the Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil. For a good soy chai latte (I do not drink coffee, sorry!) I always go to The Waiting Room at Crown. Often I will go there with family for scones and tea. Try it and you will not regret it!

My favourite outdoor shopping district in Melbourne is… Bourke Street Mall (BSM) is definitely my favourite outdoor shopping district. In the Melbourne CBD there are three major shopping areas: BSM, The Emporium and Melbourne Central. The beauty about BSM is that it is connected to the Emporium, which in turn, is connected to Melbourne Central. This means that it makes shopping super easy, as everything is all in the one spot. I especially love the new Emporium, a designer shopping centre filled with brands like Kate Spade, Camilla and Zimmerman… Have I convinced you yet?

What I love about Melbourne… I love the Melbourne CBD and the way it empowers me. It is filled with diversity and is ever-changing. I love the people. I do admit that sometimes I will just people watch. I love seeing what people are wearing. It is like a sea of colour in the Melbourne CBD. I love the graffiti lanes, the shopping, the little laneways and most of all the New York City vibes Melbourne gives off.

What my impressions are of Sydney… Even though there seems to be a Melbourne versus Sydney rivalry, I do love Sydney. I have been there a few times and have enjoyed my stays there. I see Sydney as a place filled with things to do. On a rainy day one could spend their time indoors shopping or eating at a nice café, while on a summer afternoon one could take a ferry to Manly. A few years back I spent New Year’s Eve on a cruise on Sydney Harbour. It was an unforgettable experience. I will say that when it comes to a firework display, Sydney knows how to put on a show!

Being Australian means… Being Australian means enjoying the outdoors and maintaining an active lifestyle. Many Australians grow up in their backyards playing sports like cricket and football daily. For myself, some of my best memories are of the summers I would spend in Lorne along the Great Ocean Road. I would enjoy the beach views and spend my day rollerblading around, finishing the afternoon off with a swim in the beach.

I think what defines me as an Australian blogger is my appreciation of my nation’s designer fashion. Those that follow me on Instagram: _chelsealiz will know that I tend to stick to Australian designers. Why? Because I feel that many of our designers are unique and tend to encapsulate Australian culture through their designs. A recent post on my blog ‘Summer Style’ shows my love for Zimmerman, an Australian designer fashion label. Other Australian designer brands that I wear a lot of include Manning Cartell, Alex Perry, Sass and Bide, Lisa Ho, White Suede and Collette Dinnigan. I especially love Manning Cartell because they are very eco- friendly in their designs.




I hope you guys have an amazing Australian day doing you and if you’re not Australian, I hope you just have a fab day regardless. Make sure you had over to FrenchyByChelseaElizabeth for my interview (our answers surprisingly go hand in hand with each other but I guess that’s the Australian in us!) and her take on Sydney Style! Don’t forget to give her some love on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too ❤ ❤

sign off


  1. Cool, I didn’t know you lived in Melbourne! I’ve only been there once but I gotta say it has a lot more charm than Sydney haha Happy Australia day and I hope you’re enjoying Queensland 🙂 xx


  2. A tale of two cities! haha. That’s such a fitting blog post title. 🙂
    I imagine that there are buckets of wonderful things to do around Australia. Especially the beaches, I bet it’s so nice to live so close. I definitely hope to visit one day.
    And I really enjoyed the interviews. 🙂


    1. Thank you for getting the title haha! Lisi Harrison inspiration right there lol. It’s definitely a perk. Sunburns and insect bites are not a perk. You totally should asap!


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