Sun Salutations


I do not do yoga (the following yoga poses are such a joke). Nor do I have the luxury of sitting in day spas that envelop your ears with the tranquil crashing of waves. I watch Parks & Recreation in an attempt to get in touch with my inner self. In conclusion, I make no deliberate attempt to relax my mind aside from my ability to fall asleep likethisfast.

However, I am blessed to call Australia home and we have beautiful beaches that produce authentic wave crashing sounds that are the perfect soundtrack to accompany your viewing of the sunrise. I dragged myself out of our stunning hotel (more on that next post) at 5am to take these pictures and my my are the results spectacular.

This post is also the beginning of my month long collaboration with Lil Muse Clothing – a quaint Sydney based online store that I filled my suitcase with when I was packing including this Boho India Rope Mini Dress. Cavill Mall is the main street in Surfer’s Paradise and with stores like Surfection and Sunburn, this dress’ obvious home was right here. I personally like the mini version that I’m wearing because you can hop around the waves with ease, however if you don’t mind getting your hem a bit soaked, there’s a maxi version too. I feel like some beach dresses lack character. It’s usually just some elasticised bustier combined with see through fabric in a turquoise or yellow colour. What I personally like about this dress is the detailed print and colour. I never would have thought blue, red, pink, purple and green could have come together anywhere else but a preschooler’s easel. I also think the rope straps and gold detailing are the perfect built in necklace because who wears jewellery to the beach unless its a live starfish earring a la Aquamarine (I still want one!!) So kick off your thongs and join me as we watch the sunrise together. Here’s to a sunny and relaxing Sunday/Monday!

sunrise4 sunrise2 sunrise sunrise6
sunrise5 sunrise7

Dress c/o Lil Muse Clothing – Boho India Rope Mini Dress

sign off



  1. This is lovely Karen! Mornings by the beach are always stunning.
    These pictures remind me of my vacation last summer when I woke up super early with my sister to take pictures and climb beach rocks.
    Hope you’re having a great summer!


    1. Thank you Melissa! You have no idea how much this comment means to me, my post was so dead the whole day and I think it was because of the super bowl! They personally remind me of some of those really pretty pictures you have where your dress is half soaked in water, so pretty! I truly am!


  2. Wow which beach is this? Australia has the best beaches! (No bias) haha the print and colours of that dress are gorgeous, perfect for our summer! 🙂 xx


    1. Surfer’s Paradise in the Gold Coast! I have to agree … I’ve been to several others in the Northern Hemisphere and they do not compare! Thanks again Naeun ❤ ❤


  3. These photos are amazing! Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night to take them for us 😉 I love the colour and pattern of that dress as well, so beautiful! Continue having the most amazing holiday, I am so jealous! X


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