The Storm Before The Calm


Have you ever been to the beach and then had to promptly leave again? I have, many times including this time when we thought to head down to the beach for a pre dinner stroll. It had started to rain, the wind was really ripping it and when there’s wind, there’s sand tornado-ing around you. If you’ve never experienced it, be thankful. Sand, after all is made up of granules of rock and minerals so when its windy its kind of like nature is throwing rocks at you and its not pretty.

Nonetheless, my poor camera lens braved possible scratching and I managed to get in several pictures of my Endless Summer Blouse from  Lil Muse Boutique. The crochet detailing is really fine and although I wore shorts, its long enough to double as a dress. It also looks quite lovely off the shoulder!

After we left and hung around the predictable nature of the swimming pool, the sky decided to clear up again and the storm was over. Everything was calm once again. Still but not eerie. I’ll take it.






// Top – c/o of Lil Muse Boutique: Endless Summer Blouse / Shorts – Vintage Replay Cutoffs //

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  1. Hahah I get that all the time! It is the worst, trying to cover your legs so they dont get whipped by sand, it feels like tiny little pins blowing in the wind!

    But you braved all of that and came out with some beautiful photos! That is a lovely top/ dress, it is perfect for the beach to throw on top of bathers, then you are good to go to the closest cafe 🙂 I love these pics by the ocean, even if the weather may have been awful it still looks so fresh x


  2. Oh I love a stormy beach. I think there’s something so so pretty about how grey and serene it is right before. haha. I’m weird…
    Anyways, these are nice pictures. I’ve always liked wearing white to the beach. And your blouse has such nice detailing. 🙂

    Love, M.


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