Birds of a Feather Mirror Together


I’ve actually been on a three week shooting hiatus so I decided today was the day to get off my behind and and put it in this wild midi number from Lil Muse. I have to admit, I’m not a big animal print person … I think this is the first animal print that has ever made its way into my wardrobe. Animal print frankly scares me but I threw myself in the deep end by trying out a double animal print mirrored midi body con skirt. What a mouthful! All full of words that usually do not exist in my closet vocabulary!

Making a statement can be terrifying. Committing to pink hair, a sleeve tattoo or a house made of glass would be impractical for most of us. For those brave souls who have that level of commitment, I applaud you. That doesn’t mean the rest of us can shy away from standing out every once in a while and I honestly can’t think of a better non-permanent form of expression than the way you dress. So go on, try that tucked away piece in your wardrobe and let that feeling of liberation wash over you.

Initially, when I started SS I was determined not to put outfit details at the bottom. I wanted SS to be simply a source of inspiration not an add to cart type of a site. More recently, I have been receiving messages and emails asking me where certain details are from so from this day forth, I will try my best to put details at the bottom. Keeping in mind, I’m just a broke student so sometimes my stuff is from two seasons ago and will not be available anymore. Today’s outfit however is still available online so I definitely recommend you check out the top and shoes since they are heavily discounted!


Top: Cotton On KN Alanis Cut Away Crop Skirt: (c/o) Lil Muse Snake of Paradise Skirt Shoes: Betts Slave Heel in Stone

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  1. I also wanted to adopt the philosophy of relying on how I style pieces to be the driving force of my blog and not waste time putting links, affiliated or not, at the bottom of each photo set. But you’re right, people ask questions and it’s easier to plan ahead. This is why I avoid photo sets of “Gift Ideas.” They can be horribly transparent, if posted often. You have exquisite style and look absolutely incredible in this skirt. It’s as if you’re wearing art.

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  2. You look amazing!!! That skirt is so cool, it looks like something straight out off of a fashion catwalk, at least that is how I would feel if I was wearing it 😉 I don’t know about you, but when I started getting into bold statement peices they also made me feel really bold too? Haha, wherever I walked was done with such purpose 😛 I love this look so much 🙂

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    1. Hi Jasmine! Ooh yes, I do know what you mean – that’s one of my favourite things about dressing up 🙂 Thanks for dropping by your comments never fail to make me smile! BTW, have you checked our Barbie’s Instagram yet?

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  3. I feel like ‘double animal print mirrored midi body con skirt’ should be used as a tongue twister haha. But you pull it off so well! Werk it gurll 😉


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