I never thought I would wear runners with my jeans but then I met these polka dotted Nike Roshes and it was comfort at first wear. I wear them with my oldest pair of skinny jeans (6 years of love and very few washes to my mother’s dismay) and an open back cropped tee. After 13 years of uniform schooling, I still revert to wearing variations of this every day.


Top: Lil Muse Clothing Jeans: Old (similar here) Shoes: Nike 

sign off



  1. Hi Karen!
    How’s university? I hope it’s going well!
    Nike-free runs are my favorite running shoes. I like the super bright and colorful shoes but your black and white polka-dot ones are cute as well!

    Love, M.

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  2. I wear sneakers with everything. I have a few pairs in different colours and change them according to the outfit. Very comfy! And I love your uniform, and especially the Nikes, they are cute!

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  3. Karen,
    I loved this post! I really have to find a pair of those shoes.
    I never thought I’d pair skinny jeans with tennis shoes, but this post may have changed my mind!

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