Stay Gold


I am finished with my first semester of university, exams and all! To celebrate, Adela and I went to our mecca that is Bondi Beach. Its a tourist spot, sure but its endless array of cafes dotted along the seaside is too attractive to pass off. After being holed up for a month, it was such a literal breath of fresh air to be outside. We grabbed brunch from Trio Cafe which is an all day breakfast place and we split the mango and lime buttermilk pancakes and raw salad both of which were de-li-cious and the portions were ge-ne-rous. Then we popped by Pressed Juices to grab something that was indeed, ‘positively life changing’ (as their slogan suggests) so we could have something to drink whilst we sat by the beach and just talked about how great everything was 🙂

I’m so glad I brought along my camera because we set it to self timer mode and went a bit crazy with candids. The following pictures are a few of the gems that I found; most notably, scenes of the sky changing colour as the sun set and Jasmine Dowling’s contribution to Bondi’s street art scene! These pictures remind me about a lot of things but above all else, to stay gold Ponyboy.


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  1. Babe these photos are honestly GOLD ❤ So so happy we went to Bondi together to celebrate such an important milestone 🙂 Can't wait for more shenanigans with ya xxx

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  2. Wow, I just love all of your pictures. Happy moments of life. Congrats! And the place is the perfect spot for celebration. This post made me miss the sea. Oh well, thanks for sharing.

    Gly, The Wanderlust Keeper

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  3. When I saw your post title, you should definitely listen to Yuna – Stay Gold version .It reminded me of that song and have a great summer!! Hopefully this version would be added to you summer playlist 🙂

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