Coppered Budget


Furniture should be an investment so you should allow yourself to spend a little more but home decor is a frivolous, extra tassel expense so there’s really no point in buying expensive things when you can give your house that extra bippity boppity boo courtesy of your local Target and Kmart! All these pieces are under $25 with the exception of the floor lamp so hurry on kiddies! Let there be light with the luminoso floor lamp ($49) or the geometric pendant light ($15 !!!). Tuck away the nasties into these gems instead: copper pedal bins ($25) and rose gold paper bag ($12) and copper basket ($12). Add some sayings into the every day with the light box ($19 and a great alternative to the typo original) and foil print ($7 !!!). Display your favourite food and floral arrangements on the trendy flask vase ($4) and round acacia wood paddle board ($10). End the day by kicking off your shoes onto a fluffy faux fur rug ($19 and a much more easily accessible and a third of the price to the Ikea one). Hold on tight gems, its almost the weekend!

sign off



  1. Ahh love these so much! I want to Target the other day for a copper basket thingy and it was all sold out. I understand why though, they’re so nice and affordable ๐Ÿ™‚


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