(Teal)quila Mockingbird


Tequila Mockingbird is an actual drink, I discovered it a few years ago when I was passing by the cocktail section of a bookstore and I looked at the title and thought how punny. Today we’re not talking about alcohol but er maybe we should because of the questionable hyper poses seen in this post. Insteadย we’re talking about my favourite colour: robin egg’s blue. It’s basically a more washed out version of teal, hence my clever double pun title hur hur. ๐Ÿ™‚

If this was a traditional New England preppy sailing look, you would probably go for a navy dress, a cable knit sweater stolen from your hunk and some boat shoes. I modernised the whole thing with some lace up ballerinas and a pastel frock but made sure to add a statement with everybody’s favourite preppy summer fabric: seersucker! You can see how I styled this blazer with matching shorts in ‘A Style Tale of 2 Cities. These pictures were taken at different places and as Sarah Donaldson said, “never trust a blogger’s geotags.” The cute little palm tree coffees and striped umbrellas are from Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel where everything is teal even the toilets which give that whole under the sea vibe which is very cool. We actually went first thing in the morning when it was relatively empty but then we went again at 4 for iced coffees and the place was super packed so I don’t recommend Sunday arvos for coffee and chill there. Netflix and chill more like it am I right?

Recreate the look with this Brooks Brother blazer, Dotti dress,ย Lipstik flatsย and Essie polishย 

sign off



  1. Love the dress as much as the pun! How good is dotti these days? I find myself buying at least one thing every time I go in there. This colour is so pretty on you and your posts always bring a smile to my face! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    1. Hello Naeun ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you! So good, I saw this gorgeous handkerchief dress that was like the top in my coconut post and I was like woah, I swear Kerrie Hess wore something similar a few weeks ago. I’m so glad to hear!


  2. You look so pretty here! I really love your outfit and I just found your blog (through instagram) and I love it. Can I ask where did you get that blazer though? xoxo Asyirah


    1. Hi Asyirah! Your name is so pretty hehe. Thank you so much! I saw your Instagram likes and I wanted to thank you but you were on private so I’ll do it here ๐Ÿ™‚ Its from Tommy Hilfiger years and years ago but the one in the link is pretty much identical too.


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