yearbook1TRIALyearbook5STYLE SMORGASBORD turns ONE today! How crazy is that … ? I think its particularly crazy because I launched SS on the day after I finished my HSC Exams and a year later I’m celebrating its birthday on the day after I finish my first year of university.

Sometimes I get into a funk because I question what I’ve achieved in the past 12 months but then I look back and I realise you know what, I actually did a lot blogging and life wise. But more on life stuff on New Year’s Eve. Halloween is the day we look back on SS.

Thank you to everyone who has ever stumbled upon SS. Whether that stumble ever led to a backtrack and an oh hey! I always appreciate your eyeballing, liking and commenting. I also want to thank all the people I know in real life – family and friends, that creep on my blog and are always too nice to say no when I ask for them to take photos of me. Thanks for feeling awkward behind the lens and going with it anyway ❤

I would like to think that year one was more of a testing the waters type thing. Style Smorgasbord gained some traction as to the general way blog posts are formatted in the last month and I intend to continue with this format for the near future. Here are some of my favourite blog posts: DIY Marble Side Table / Sun Salutations / Stay Gold / Entertainment By The Sea / Varsi-Prep and where it all began: Style. 

Finally, I have some goals for year 2 that I’ve been debating whether or not to write down but if I never put them out in the open, I’ll never have any motivation to achieve them so here we go:

  • Invest in a new camera
  • Move to and become self-hosted
  • Change my blog’s design
  • Increase consistency and frequency
  • Develop a more recognisable brand

sign off



  1. AHHH congrats Karen, this is so exciting – congrats on hitting the big 1 (; I’m looking forward to seeing your blog move forward and grow. Consistency and branding are two things I need to work on as well (: Here’s to another year of greatness!!

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  2. Congratulations Karen! I remember when we first started following each other and was so excited to meet another Sydney blogger 🙂 I always enjoy your posts and photos so I can’t wait to see what year #2 brings. p.s. congrats on finishing first year of uni!! xx

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  3. Karen, Happy Birthday to your blog! I am really happy to come across your page. I love it! You did such an amazing job in a year:) My blog is also one year old, by the way. So many things to improve, but I am looking forward to it.

    Anyway, have an amazing week ahead:) Cannot wait to see your next post!

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