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Top / Jeans / Belt / Bandana / Watch (c/o) / Flats / Bag / Nails

I’ll always go to the clearance section of any store before I even glance at the new arrivals. Further 50 percent off emails and banners make my hands sweat with excitement. Pricing an online store from lowest to highest gives my great satisfaction. Lets face it, I’m not the biggest fan of spending money on trends. Its easy to see what’s going to go out of style and what to invest in. I like the whole 70s thing that every chainstore is shoving down our throats but not enough to commit to a pair of flared jeans for more than a month. Instead, I add a red bandana and brown cross body both stolen from my mum’s wardrobe and I don’t have to spend a dime.

That’s not to say I don’t like to splurge on the finer things. Timepieces are something I thoroughly enjoy and this year I have managed to acquire quite a few unintentionally. One of which includes this Rumba Time piece. The beautifully cut edges reflect light and create the prettiest rainbow effect on your walls. Unfortunately Rumba Time’s website only ships to certain places. However, you can buy this exact style on ShopBop which I recommend because the shipping is crazy fast even if you live in Australia.

So save those dollars and invest in lasting pieces that your children can steal from you down the road. Or put it towards that holiday you’ve been meaning to take yourself on. Experiences are always greater than material things. Period.

rumba14rumba3rumba4rumba8rumba13rumba12rumba15Edit: I have decided to update my sign off with a more personalised touch. Writing Christmas cards and gift tags helped me come up with a new way of spelling out ‘much love karen’. Let me know what you think of it and thank you so much for reading.




  1. This is such a cute outfit! Love the red bandanna touch 🙂 Also I’m just living vicariously through your dreamy NZ photos haha hope you’re enjoying your well-deserved holiday xx

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  2. Time pieces definitely sound like a wiser investments than seasonal trends and how cool that you now own a rainbow-throwing watch! Unfortunately, my mom is in Denmark and I’m in Dubai, so I don’t have a mom-closet to steal from. Instead I have the world’s biggest mall just a short drive away, so shopping away is much too easy down here:)

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  3. Woah, ok your mom has such great style! I’ve been scouring the interwebs for a red bandana, and the one you have here is v lovely! Other thoughts I had while reading this post: I love how you took these photos and the new sign off is super duperly cute.

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  4. These are such lovely photos, the inclusion of flowers is beautiful. I love your point on saving up on investment pieces that can be handed down through the generations, rather than splurging on everything around you 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

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  5. I agree – investing on timeless pieces, like a quality timepiece, can really make such a difference 🙂 And you’re not the only one who’s excited about all of those extra 50% off emails or the ability to sort online shopping pages by price range 😛 ❤ Hope you're having a great weekend Karen, and love the look so much!

    XO, Elizabeth


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