Do you want chips with that?


Dress / Coat / Zara Clutch / Boots

This week I had plans. To go bike riding and go to the beach. Then along came a big stormy cloud and rained on my parade. Literally. Instead, I went and had lunch indoors but I still brought my trusty rain ensemble with me. This is the coat I bring with me whenever I go on holidays. It’s super light weight and water proof, perfect for stuffing into a carry on. When I was in New Zealand, it rained non stop in Tongariro so instead of carrying an umbrella every where I went, I just thew on the hood and made a run for it. I like to pair it with dresses and my ankle rain boots which you have seen me wear in the winter to death with skirts, dresses, jeans, and trench coats. I don’t collect much but I do have a soft spot for quirky clutches like this flat one shaped like a bag of potato chips. Its the perfect party conversation starter which I would envision to unravel something like this:

Me: Hi thanks for having me! I brought a pack of chips.

Host: Oh thank you so much, let me put it on the table for you.

Me: Lol jokes, its actually my bag.

Hopefully that terrible joke cured you’re Monday-itis. If not, I hope you have a great week anyway!



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