Second Sunday

nike sneaker studio copy

I’ve been going on about the Nike Training Club for months now so I thought it would only be fair to recap the final event – #NTCtourSYD that took place yesterday in Pyrmont. Prior to the event, we were sent some really nicely boxed event packs that came with a magazine, event information and tanks that came in three slogans. I personally thought mine was the best (Burn Burpee Burn) because it was the punniest but they also had ‘Does your core want more?‘ and ‘Sweaty hair don’t care‘.

The morning started with an opening workout led by Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso at 11:30. It was streamed online and simultaneously kicked off Melbourne and Auckland’s event too. There were about 3000 people there so the event was split into groups depending on the exercises you had picked upon registration. I did boxing, circuit and dance. Dance was my favourite because we were front row and they had some fun zumba-style routines to songs like Hotline Bling and What Do You Mean. Each group also had a ‘rest’ period where you could get a massage, have your hair braided, get flash tattoos and special one off nike manis. They also had health lab bliss balls and I tried the mint chocolate one which was super good but the maple water was so gross! It messed my stomach up, 0/10 do not recommend. We had a closing workout at 3:15 and the event wrapped up around 4. We collected our ‘congratulations for killing it’ bracelets and carried our tired selves back home.

It was a decent experience but I don’t think I’ll be going to the full event next year. I definitely recommend taking advantage of all the free classes in the lead up though because those were really fun and much more intimate and well organised! There’s also the option of volunteering as well. If you’re thinking of attending in the future I would recommend you bring a hat, pack lots of snacks, sunscreen up and arrive early if you want to snag all the free goodies!

Hope your weekend was energising – I am super excited for the 4 day week followed by easter long weekend – I need a double weekend filled with chocolate and hot cross buns please! Also, if you’re curious, the white sneakers in the first photo aren’t real, they’re actually made of plaster!

burn burpee burn workout copyburn burpee burn nike copyntc tour copyntc sydney flash tattoo copy



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