Man Child


Fundamentally, there’s nothing more man child than a grown adult in a pair of overalls.

Conclusively, they are so comfortable and hide the stomach with just a silver of skin so you can put it over all your cropped tees. Transition it for the colder months with a chunky sweater and make it exam time appropriate with a collegiate jersey lazily thrown on top.

Basically, they’re my new go to denim and these patched ones from Cotton On’s 91 denim range are exactly what I was looking for at $10! Same price as a pressed juice people. Loose, bronzed, brushed buttons and pockets for days.

Overall, go get yourself a pair of overalls.

Thanks for putting up with all my synonyms and I hope you have a lovely easter long weekend (if you’re lucky enough to get one!).

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Monochromatic Pyjama Dressing


My capsule work wardrobe largely consists of navy items because I think navy says conservative without the complete seriousness of black. Whilst I wouldn’t wear these pieces together for work, I decided to test it out for the weekend instead and the result ? Well that’s up to you, it can either look like off-duty nurse or just relaxed street style. I’d like to think the monochromatic clash of pin stripe and print make it deliberate and the low v and layered necklaces make it thought out.

Most importantly, its super comfortable so whoever designed nurse uniforms were onto something. Sensible closed toe shoes included. Or you could wear a pair of stiletto pumps and spend the evening nursing your feet. Your choice.

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Photography thanks to Matthewsignoff2

Second Sunday

nike sneaker studio copy

I’ve been going on about the Nike Training Club for months now so I thought it would only be fair to recap the final event – #NTCtourSYD that took place yesterday in Pyrmont. Prior to the event, we were sent some really nicely boxed event packs that came with a magazine, event information and tanks that came in three slogans. I personally thought mine was the best (Burn Burpee Burn) because it was the punniest but they also had ‘Does your core want more?‘ and ‘Sweaty hair don’t care‘.

The morning started with an opening workout led by Nike master trainer Kirsty Godso at 11:30. It was streamed online and simultaneously kicked off Melbourne and Auckland’s event too. There were about 3000 people there so the event was split into groups depending on the exercises you had picked upon registration. I did boxing, circuit and dance. Dance was my favourite because we were front row and they had some fun zumba-style routines to songs like Hotline Bling and What Do You Mean. Each group also had a ‘rest’ period where you could get a massage, have your hair braided, get flash tattoos and special one off nike manis. They also had health lab bliss balls and I tried the mint chocolate one which was super good but the maple water was so gross! It messed my stomach up, 0/10 do not recommend. We had a closing workout at 3:15 and the event wrapped up around 4. We collected our ‘congratulations for killing it’ bracelets and carried our tired selves back home.

It was a decent experience but I don’t think I’ll be going to the full event next year. I definitely recommend taking advantage of all the free classes in the lead up though because those were really fun and much more intimate and well organised! There’s also the option of volunteering as well. If you’re thinking of attending in the future I would recommend you bring a hat, pack lots of snacks, sunscreen up and arrive early if you want to snag all the free goodies!

Hope your weekend was energising – I am super excited for the 4 day week followed by easter long weekend – I need a double weekend filled with chocolate and hot cross buns please! Also, if you’re curious, the white sneakers in the first photo aren’t real, they’re actually made of plaster!

burn burpee burn workout copyburn burpee burn nike copyntc tour copyntc sydney flash tattoo copy


Throwback to Uni with ASOS


TOPS: White Sleeveless / Short Grey Baseball Tee / Blue Striped Button Down

ACCESSORIES: Black Belt / Rose Gold Watch / Quilted Backpack / Chambray Backpack / Perforated Backpack

BOTTOMS: Black Jeans / Mom Jeans / White Jeans

SHOES: White Sneakers/ Rose Gold Munchkin Flats / Chelsea Boots / My Little Pony Lunchbox

JACKETS: Bomber / Trench / Denim Jacket 

CUTE UNNECESSARIES: Pencil Case / Phone Case / iPad Sleeve / Hipster Colouring Book / Where’s Wally Notebooks

SKIRTS & DRESSES: Denim Skirt / Sweater Dress / Lace up Dress 

I kept this capsule wardrobe to 18 essential pieces not including the cute unnecessaries! You can create a plethora of different looks and moods with these items. The pink knit dress could be tucked into jeans and worn as an oversized sweater or the striped button down could be worn under the lace up dress for added warmth. There’s two double denim looks for all those double denim parties at university and you could add a pair of nude heels to the white jeans and button down if you needed to attend a more professional meeting or interview. I’ll be back next week to show you what I would wear to uni nowadays compared to my freshmen first day of class outfit! Get ready for major cringe (even though it was only a year ago haha!)

Post in Collaboration with ASOS


Layering Cotton for the Cold

camel-black-stylesmorgasbord-5 copy

I’m a bit conflicted over the purchase of this black cotton shirt dress. It gets dirty as soon as it comes out of the wash, I’ve given up ironing it and even my trusty Ikea lint roller can’t work its usual magic. Regardless, its a great basic piece that is a layering dream under sweaters, belted over dresses and tucked into longer skirts. For this weekend look, I replaced the conservative thin belt with a woven ring belt and threw my anorak on top. This camel and black palette is sticking around this season and I finished the look off with a skinny scarf and my new scalloped flats (super comfy, haven’t had any blisters at all).

I’m sure y’all are sick of me raving on about the Sydney summer and our beaches and beautiful pink sunsets but I really have to say that I am sad to see the summer go. There will be a few more hot days in March no doubt but I’ll be keeping my phone in holiday mode with this fun pineapple print case from Articecase

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Dress / Jacket / Flats / Skinny scarf / Ring belt / Phone case (c/o Articecase)


First Sunday


Slow Sundays are where its at. I like to go for a morning dip and then come home for a noon shower, scrub, cleanse, moisturise, condition, shave, wax, tone and polish situation. I’ve added a couple of new products to the mix thanks to Lush and now I’m a smooth milky sesame smelling bun of a son. My descriptions are mediocre at best and I apple c’d the lush descriptions so you can get a good whiff of an idea from your screen.

Soothing Sesame Lotion – I love a good dim sum and this sesame lotion reminds of the inside of a black sesame steamed bun. It’s very thin and runny in consistency and exactly what you need for the upcoming colder months, providing you with a nice glow and subtle sun protection. I’ve had it on for about three hours now and I still smell lovely and yummy haha! Mentally adding this to my things to repurchase next cart. What Lush says, “Dewy, radiant complexions start with walnut leaf infusion. Providing a bronzed glow before you step into the sun, simply glide this velvety lotion all over your body. Its sunkissed colour and lashings of hydrating cocoa butter from community growers in the Dominican Republic will give skin a head (to toe) start. If the great ball of fire in the sky could smell, it would likely be attracted to the irresistibly nutty scent of organic sesame oil too.

The Rough with the Smooth – Do you remember how in science class, they told us that human bodies get a new set of cells every 7 years? I’m pretty sure a good scrub down like this will definitely aid the process. I broke the bar into smaller bits but its a bit messy (melts slightly in the current heat) and I would rather it come in a tub. Regardless, it does what its supposed to do and I feel like my skin might be as soft as a baby’s. What Lush says, “This deeply exfoliating treat will take rough skin in hand, leaving you soft all over.”

Milky Bath Bubble Bar – I haven’t tried this one yet but with all Lush products, I find the glitter a bit unnecessary. If it’s like any of their other bubble bars, I’m sure this one will be a gem because who doesn’t want to bathe in milk a la Cleopatra? What Lush says, “This comforting little milk bottle bubble bar is filled with uplifting orange oil and skimmed milk to treat your skin to a dose of happiness. A cocoa butter bottle top adds a little bit of extra softness.

These Sunday Sessions will be a new addition to my site, designed for me to have an extra posting day where I can work on my still life photography and get a little rambly with you over some iced coconut milk and banana coffee … and if you don’t like it, there’s always another post to look forward to in the next 24 hours. I’ll be writing about anything on my mind and they won’t be pre-written unlike my other posts. I want to add some spontaneity to this site! Hope your weekend has treated you well lovelies x !

Products all from Lush (c/o)


The Kimono, Backwards.


It’s pretty safe to say that kimonos and pineapples are being washed away from the shores that are our warm weather wardrobes. Before you put yours away into storage, let me show you how you can extend its life a little longer by tying it back to front and chucking on some classic black pieces to keep it relevant. Let’s call this a pathetic attempt at ‘sustainable fashion‘.

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Belt, Tuck & Roll


I wore this dress for my birthday last year (see that post here) and its one of my favourites because its made of silk and so comfortable to wear. Now being the average heighted person I am, I find that a lot of Country Road dresses swamp me if I don’t add a pair of heels into the mix. After spending a week in work heels, I want the most comfortable, slipper like shoe possible!

To make a flat sole possible, I employed my favourite styling technique: the belt, tuck and roll. Basically, you take the thinnest belt you own to your midi dress and pull the fabric over to hide the belt so you’re left with a much shorter, weekend appropriate dress. To make sure people get the message that I’m doing Casual with a capital C, I like to add a cap, slip-ons and my trusty new bucket bag! Its not Mansur Gavriel but the structure is freaking amazing. You can’t get it online anymore, but definitely look into your closet Seed retailer for the last few 🙂

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Four Fall Pastels


As much as I love prints and patterns, I also like how solid colours look together and since March officially kicks off autumn weather, I wanted to show you my four favourite colours to wear transeasonally: blue, camel, grey and white.

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As you all know by now, Style Smorgasbord is a paradoxical blend of high and low, girly and masculine, tight and loose. Today, I decided to shake up the common denominator and went with boxy, structured everything.

Its the monochromatic equivalent of silhouettes.

When I build a look in my head, there’s always the hero piece that magnetises everything else together. This look centred around my new work bag from Paul’s Boutique SS16 collection. I worked with Paul’s Boutique last season so I was delighted to see their line sheet for the new season. There are so many beautiful pieces in seasonal neons but my personal favourites are those in tonal shades of stone, off white, navy and black. They are slowly releasing their lines and the ‘Perrie’ is from the Trinity Collection which is available in navy, blush and silver. The ‘Perrie’ is almost the perfect bag but I wish it could fit my 13 inch macbook air – it just falls short by about 2 cm 😦 ! I also love the classic silhouettes of the ‘Amber‘ and ‘Hunter‘.

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