One Two Chi Chi Chi


If you are looking for a deliciously fluffy, full skirted dress, stop by Chi Chi London for the prettiest, flounciest ones. It’s a pastel and floral frock shock but regardless of your day to day style, tell me you don’t want to have a good twirl and bounce in something so fun. I paired my lovely mint dress with some strappy heels but if you were going to a themed fifties party or garden day, some little sneakers would be just brill too!

If you’re interested in this dress, its made of a lovely thick material but something that you will definitely need to have steamed so it floats nicely. I would also recommend looking in the petite section if you were after a dress that isn’t so long. Available on their own site with free worldwide delivery and also Asos!


Dress (c/o Chi Chi London) / Heels signoff2


The Kimono, Backwards.


It’s pretty safe to say that kimonos and pineapples are being washed away from the shores that are our warm weather wardrobes. Before you put yours away into storage, let me show you how you can extend its life a little longer by tying it back to front and chucking on some classic black pieces to keep it relevant. Let’s call this a pathetic attempt at ‘sustainable fashion‘.

Recreate my look:

Kimono / Dress / Shoes / Hat / Purse


Paper Fashion Week


If you have watched or read Paper Towns, you’ll know that paper towns are deliberate fictitious entries used as copyright traps to reveal copyright infringement. When Farfetch reached out to me and asked me to create my version of the perfect fashion week, it got me thinking about designers and their work and how it all gets filtered down to your local chain store outlet. Now I’m not saying that high street is just badly made-for-plebs stock since 99.9% of my closet consists of these unoriginal knock offs. What I am trying to say is that yes, fashion week is a strange and inaccessible phenomenon for us commoners but it shouldn’t have to be. The rise of luxury e-commerce retail has already bridged this gap with sites like Farfetch providing all the biggest international and Australian brands, both hot off the catwalk and dug up from the past vintage. We have public art galleries that everyone can access so why not do the same for fashion … get rid of all that exclusivity and caste system that goes something like editors, celebrities, a-list bloggers, etc. 

Instead of runways, I propose presentations. I loved Ten Piece’s show in the Bondi Icebergs pool last season so public places like that and the steps of the Opera House would be great stages to admire these brilliant works of art. Reminds me of those Qantas ‘Spirit of Australia’ advertisements where the kids stand in different spots and sing. It would also save those poor photographers scurrying frantically around with their long lenses, trying to get all fifty looks snapped in under ten minutes. I would love to see Alex Perry, Ellery, Zimmerman, Alice McCall and Sass & Bide but more than anything, Paolo Sebastian. Couture is where the heart is at and Sebastian’s South Australian handcrafted pieces make me swoon.


Fashion Week, I believe is an incredibly stressful time in the fashion world. The amount of tweeting, snapping and gramming that happens before, after and during the show is insane. I, myself have never been to such an affair so I will compare it to what I find stressful: examinations. When I am stressed, I need to be comfortable … so I carry this sentiment into how I would dress for fashion week. A matching top and bottom set that reads like gallery worthy masterpieces (they are Valentino after all) but feel like sleepwear, Charlotte Olympia slippers that take the constellation theme to the next level and a bag that is this season’s it silhouette whilst still managing to resemble a sleeping bag so you can take a nap in between shows.

Shirt / Trousers / Shoes / Bag 


To the uninitiated, fashion week is kinda weird … whats with all the bizarre everything? I realise now that fashion week is about putting a lot of stuff together and then hoping that you will end up on some well known street style blog deeming you the coolest kool khat of the year. If that’s the goal, then I want to be repping my favourite Aussies. Starting with an Alex Perry of course, shouldering with an Ellery piece and hiding my lack of face makeup with some Ksubi shades. Then there is the conversation starter piece – “oh this old thing … its a Chanel cosmetic bag that doubles as my camera bag” and then these garish Dolce & Gabanna sneakers that I am hideously attracted to.

Bag / Dress / Shoes / Sunnies / Blazer

This was an interesting post to develop. It required some research which taps into the business student that I am and I don’t really know how I managed to stumble upon this paper towns concept but I went with it even though it doesn’t really make much sense. I hope you enjoyed reading nevertheless and as always, have a great week ahead!

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Blog Post created for Farfetch ‘Take Over Australian Fashion Week’

Rain Rain


please stay and play i have a cute-as outfit

// dress: topshop similar here and here/ bag: collette by collette hayman (similar here) / shoes: jeffrey campbell //




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Blaze of Glory


I am really uncool. Like watch The Big Bang Theory on Friday nights (GUYS SHAMY!), crack dad jokes and prone to flushing from any kind of alcohol consumption kind of uncool. But these shades make me feel hella cool and when I leave my house I imagine I’m off to my warehouse converted to office sharespace where I lounge around in curvy chairs and think of fresh ideas to make the world more yeezus. In reality, I’m just off for the daily commute where I spend 40 minutes reading about influential people in The Collective and Times but let me do me, kay?

The outfit unpicked:

Plaid on plaid, yes on yes. Miss Shop Coat (similar) and Old Button Down (similar)

Shadiest Shades from Ray-Ban

The best tee ever which I have worn here and here from Lil Muse Clothing (c/o)

Leggings for speed walking across campus from Dotti get them in store for 60% off

Fresh new Converse for ruining from Urban Outfitters 








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Camo The Colour


Camo The Colour like Cameo The Label … I try not to explain my punniness 99% of the time but sometimes I need to toot my own horn because I’m just so dang funny. I also realise now that camo is more of a colour and less of a pattern but let’s not get all nick picky people.

I think Nauen said last week that you learn a lot at university. I certainly did. Lesson Number One: Don’t wear denim cutoffs. Especially if you have to catch the train and then sit for 4 hours straight. After making that mistake about 3 times, I finally decided it was time to start wearing pants even though that would mean succumbing to that autumn weather that is inevitably looming since it looks like the entire easter long weekend will be raining. 

Nonetheless I’m so ecstatic about the easter long weekend … hello cake on a stick, warmed up hot cross buns, bunny onesies and easter eggs!! More on that next week!





 Pants H&M 50% off in store! // Collared Shirt Similar Here // Brogues Similar Here 

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The Storm Before The Calm


Have you ever been to the beach and then had to promptly leave again? I have, many times including this time when we thought to head down to the beach for a pre dinner stroll. It had started to rain, the wind was really ripping it and when there’s wind, there’s sand tornado-ing around you. If you’ve never experienced it, be thankful. Sand, after all is made up of granules of rock and minerals so when its windy its kind of like nature is throwing rocks at you and its not pretty.

Nonetheless, my poor camera lens braved possible scratching and I managed to get in several pictures of my Endless Summer Blouse from  Lil Muse Boutique. The crochet detailing is really fine and although I wore shorts, its long enough to double as a dress. It also looks quite lovely off the shoulder!

After we left and hung around the predictable nature of the swimming pool, the sky decided to clear up again and the storm was over. Everything was calm once again. Still but not eerie. I’ll take it.






// Top – c/o of Lil Muse Boutique: Endless Summer Blouse / Shorts – Vintage Replay Cutoffs //

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Handy Dandy Rings


Dandelions remind me of cacti up close which is funny because they’re so soft and delicate and cacti are prickly and hard. The word actually hails from the French word dent-de-lion, meaning “lion’s tooth”. Oh the irony! Today I’m collaborating with Elyia which is an Australian owned, Melbourne based silver jewellery company. So on Monday you got a Melbourne blogger and today you get a Melbourne brand!

I think the word ‘Elyia’ is so beautiful and the meaning behind it is too. It actually originates from the Tamil word meaning ‘simple’ and that is what Elyia revolves around; simple, beautiful and affordable pieces you can wear everyday. They also come in the cutest little tin boxes that are perfect for presents! My personal favourite in their collection is the one I’m wearing today. It’s called the Bar Ring in Rose Gold and the definition of understated jewellery. This is the ring equivalent of the very popular bar necklaces and would look lovely stacked or by itself. I am like a bee to honey when it comes to rose gold but this ring also comes in classics like silver and gold if that’s more your style!

I decided to pair my Bar Ring in Rose Gold with my also rose gold arrow bracelet and chevron and butterfly fit and flare dress. Oh and guess what!?!? I have finally learnt the secret to achieving these curls that I’ve been seeing on Southern Curls & Pearls for so so long. A lot of tutorials usually recommend brushing your hair out to get that bouncy feel but if I did that on my thickass hair, it would just be an explosion! So now I just use a one inch iron and wrap it around a tong without using the clamp as if it was clamp-less.








Bar Ring (c/o) // Tie The Knot Ring // Diamond Ring 

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