SS Brunch with Lindsay

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This warm spring weather has me prematurely excited for summer already. Oh the beach and the tans and the long blissful days filled with nothing but the possibility of everything if you wish. I have my second SS Brunch collaboration with Lindsay today from Lindsay Nichole Designs. Lindsay is a designer and illustrator with the cutest online store filled with gorgeous prints, lettering and illustrated stationary. Make sure you give her a warm sunny hello and have a look at her Facebook and Instagram! You can also buy her work on Etsy as well as through her personal site here. She’s from the United States where they are bidding summer 2015 goodbye so I thought I would do a little Q&A to learn how I can get 2015/16 summer ready.

SS: In my head Summer Nights in all its finger snapping glory from Grease would be what I imagine my hot hot summers to be like, what song epitomises summer for you? Lindsay: I would have to say this summer’s go-to song was “This is Living” by Hillsong Young & Free! I love how upbeat and catchy it is! You can’t help but crank up the volume when it comes on! I also love the fact that you’re in Australia because this song is by my favorite artists group, Hillsong, who are also Australian! I love any music Hillsong puts out especially anything from Hillsong United or Young & Free.


SS: We’ve talked about the all important summer anthem but what is your windows down, hair flying, one hand steering, summer playlist for 2015? Lindsay: I don’t have a “set” playlist of songs, but the best summer songs are always the energetic ones & I also love country! A lot of the songs I listen to aren’t even current summer songs, they may be popular from like 2 or 3 summers ago! HaHa Basically, my playlist would consist of anything from Young & Free, United, or anything country! For country, I like Rascall Flatts, most Florida Georgia Line, a little bit of  Luke Bryan and some others. And of course, it’s always fun to mix in a little of classic Bieber! haha SS: Haha I can’t agree more, those pop lyrics are always too funny to sing along too. My friends and I always go back to singing Selena Gomez’s 2010 track: The Summer’s Not Hot Without You because the lyrics are absolute gold, “The temperature is 99 / And it can get much hotter.”

SS: I am all about the water and beaches in Sydney but if you had a staycation in your hometown what would you do? Lindsay: If you saw the town I grew up in, you may laugh and wonder how in the world anyone could live there! haha It’s a very small town in the panhandle of Texas. We have one traffic light and it’s a 45 minute drive through empty land as far as you can see, sprinkled with cows, windmills, and tractors just to get to the closet “big city.” We do have a lake though, so a staycation in my hometown would probably involve a lot of boating or other lake activities. Since I live in the “country” a staycation would also include a lot of “four-wheeling!” It would be a very relaxed, but a fun time! SS: Oh a lake sounds so fun, I can imagine a lot of lazing around on the bank and dips every few hours.


SS: Santorini with all that white and blue and copious amounts of pizza, pasta and gelato is my dream summer vacation spot. If money was no object, what would your picture perfect summer look like? Lindsay: I absolutely love traveling! I would gladly live out of a suitcase traveling to new places! I love to see different parts of the world and visit new places! If money was no object, my picture perfect summer would be traveling the world! I would stay as long as possible in every location! I have been fortunate to travel to some of the places on my illustration, but Sydney, Bora Bora, Greece, and Rome are some of the places I’d love to one day visit! I think a lot of my illustrations reflect my love for traveling! SS: Yes! Santorini is one of the islands in Greece but I wouldn’t mind Rhodes or Zakynthos, actually I might just go on one of those island hopping trips! I do hope you come to Sydney sometime in your life, it will blow your illustrated socks off your paper. That was a strange analogy but definitely put it on your must do before you die list!

SS: If you went someplace tropical and beachy, are you the kind of gal who would pack a swimsuit for every water related activity or do you keep it simple and just rock that one set over and over? Lindsay: I definitely pack multiple swimsuits! I like to have a variety of options haha I don’t overdo it, but I do like to have a few swimsuits to choose from! SS: I think I over do it but I just can’t stand putting a half dried bathing suit back on *shivers*.

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SS: Do you collect or send postcards when you go on vacation? I always send postcards to my loved ones but I also have an irrational fear that they will never get sent from the hotel lobby. Lindsay: No, but I recently started “collecting” the Starbucks mugs from the “You are here” collection. I kind of started “collecting” them by accident. I bought the first one when I was in New York, then I started noticing them when I would be visiting other places. So now I make more of a conscious effort to try and find one when I visit a new city! SS: What a neat idea! There are about 3 Starbucks in Sydney because we’re picky when it comes to coffee so you might have to search for a bit!I hope y’all enjoyed this post. The formatting was a nightmare, WordPress decided it didn’t want to give me paragraphs anymore but I think its being normal now.

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