April Come She Will


Its strange the amount of cold foods and drinks I devoured this month. I think I had more ice cream than I had during summer. Pictured here is the S’mores flavour from N2 and Peanut Butter Pretzel Batter from Ben & Jerrys on free cone day. As with all food fads, both were fun flavours but not  enough to go back and back again.


Tried an acai bowl with banana, berries and shredded coconut for the first time from Coogee Courtyard Cafe & Restaurant and the Aphrodite Bowl from Devon Cafe in Surry HillsI have to say, I expected the Acai Bowl to be thicker in consistency but I absolutely loved the flavours and textures in the Aphrodite Bowl – warm rice pudding, rose, pistachio and fig.


We had CRAZY weather in Sydney at the end of the month. It killed umbrellas, sent schools shut and freaked me into finally getting some wellies. I was originally going to pick out a pair of obnoxious red knee high Hunter boots but I’ve ended up with these Jeffrey Campbell’s instead. In amongst this, I didn’t have electricity for two days but we did have candlelight dinners and now all my candles are burnt out.

I think I have about 3 more assignments this semester and then all that’s left is finals in June so May should be smooth riding, hopefully. Things that got me though this month include Alexa Chung’s It, double pearl studs, a wristlet because ain’t no bother got hands for a bag when the weather is blowing up and finding an old Italian winter wool coat from my aunt who frequently reads my blog (Hello & Thank YOU!)


I also got my hair cut this month! I was so apprehensive because my hair is super poofy and I’m super lazy so when its short, I look like a storm cloud. I wish I could say it looks this sleek and shiny everyday but right now I’m trying to pass off my volume as the undone curls fine hair people are always trying to achieve.

Post Title: ‘April Come She Will’ – Simon & Garfunkel

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