A Little Tulle Late

action4I have a really strange fascination with tulle and big poofy skirts like this. The strange part of this fascination is that it didn’t start when I was a young un and watching Angelina Ballerina … it started when I was about 14! What I like best about this tulle skirt is that its layered instead of just flouncing out at one length. This means that it is a lot of fun to twirl in to make for some great action shots.

I know I’ve been referring to it as a skirt but I’ll let you in a sneaky secret: the tulle skirt is actually my prom dress from year 10! I’m happy to say its not something i would cringe at all these years later but it makes me sad that I never wear it which is why I popped it on, Christmas day. Then I decided to dress it down with a plaid shirt cinched at the waist, popped at the collar and rolled at the arms so I could give my outfit some silhouette. To finish off the ballet vibes, I went with a big poof on my head and some bow heels that shouldn’t be leaped around in!

action2action5action3action6action1sign off



  1. Tulle is my weakness and tiers just make it even better! Your skirt is so gorgeous and you’re simply adorable! It actually reminds me, I never attended my Year 10 formal. (I’m going to be Year 11 next year)


  2. After seeing this yesterday, I went out shopping to find me one of these tulle skirts, but to no avail :c Also, I absolutely love the shoes and the top! Anyway, thanks for inspiring many of my fashion decisions when I go out shopping; it has made me a lot more open to new styles and now I don’t have enough clothes hangers for all my new outfits.


    1. Aw man that sucks but I guess its hard because no respectable adult probably wants to wear one. Ah I’m so honoured!!!!! Thanks for visiting pal ❤


  3. Hi!
    I absolutely share your fascination!!! ❤ I love tulle! ❤
    And with me it only started at the age of 18, which was a bit weird, but I can't help it!
    I actually just bought one like yours a week ago and I love how you wear this plaid shirt with it, so I am totally gonna pulled that look off in summer….
    Thanks! :-*

    Have a baketastic day,
    Your Backdirndl


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