I Watched it Begin Again


Back in November, when I embarked on this project called SS, I didn’t think my summer would ever come to an end. Tomorrow’s the 28th of February which means summer is well and truly over. Its bittersweet but I’m excited for some structure to make its way back into my life. Aimless meandering 24/7 is taxing on my levels of self satisfaction. When I’m feeling particularly productive, I try and up my flat laying game. Its not really there yet but I think I’m finding my way around bad lighting Β and white spaces.


Decided to try a spot of faking calligraphy this month. Thought such a skill may be handy for birthday invitations and card making activities.


Had a decent amount of quinoa in February as well. Recipes coming soon.


With all endings comes new beginnings so I wanted to wish y’all a Happy Chinese New Year. I was really hoping to find myself a Mandarin Collin dress this year but failed to do so; here’s to better luck next year! CNY goes for 15 days and if you’re living in Sydney, I recommend checking out all the activities scheduled – there’s the lantern of the terracotta warriors (pictured here), lunar markets, dragon boat racing and loads more.


The colder months are definitely a favourite of mine when it comes to dressing up. Sure you have to add tights and a red nose to everything but I love thick cable knit sweaters, scarfs and all things fluffy. I’ve been mood boarding a lot of catalogues lately and all the light neutral colours make me so excited becauseΒ I’m not a fan of black.


sign off



  1. Wow wow your photography game is hella strong they’re all so artsy and inspired (and was that last one taken at my house because if so I’m honoured to be featured in your blog) ❀

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    1. Haha I don’t think I’m quite there yet but I definitely will once I work it down to a science! The terracotta warriors were pretty neat but the parade was crazy crowded and I’m too short to see anything haha.


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