Jet Lag is for Amateurs

jetlag2A couple of weeks ago I booked my first trip overseas by myself! It was terrifying seeing all this money leave my bank account at once. I’m going to New Zealand’s Northern Island so basically still in the vicinity of Australia because hey, baby steps! I have put together a small list of essentials for an action packed holiday. They are in no way the only things you need but just a couple of cute pieces I have been eyeing. How pretty are all this blues and neutrals together? I’m so excited for this new adventure and as always, I will keep you guys updated because I hear the Top Deck tour buses come with wifi 🙂

Carry All: Herschel’s Little America Bags seem to be the best kind of bag on the market for the person who must pack everything and anything AKA me. Fancy tops: I know I know, it’s so hard to be presentable on holidays but don’t forget to pack a few dressy tops for nights out! Choose ones made of light weight fabric and are a cinch to squeeze into your suitcase without needing any of that pesky ironing. Love the crochet cut out one and the tulle makes me sa-woon! Hats: are the lazy girl’s solution to hair problems on holidays. Hide that third day hair with a felt hat in a pastel shade or this season’s favourite, the wide boater. Footwear: If you’re not comfortable, then you’re not a happy camper. Comfort comes from the sole (HA!) and these are all penguin approved! Wallet: I have a deeply irrational but also very sensible fear that I will lose things. For peace of mind, I think travel wallets are the way to go. Kikki K and Typo carry the cutest ones with plenty of space for tickets, boarding passes, itineraries, visas, passports and foreign currency.

Little America Hemp Backpack / Little America Chambray Crosshatch Backpack

Crochet Long Sleeve / Chiffon Top

Hannah Mid Brim Fedora / Riviera Wide Brim Boater

Leather Inject Boots  / Nike Rosherun

Perforate Leather Travel Document Wallet / Hudson travel wallet

sign off



  1. Those Herschel backpacks are super adorable. I know what you mean about wanting to pack everything. I’m one of those people too, but I try not to be because unpacking is a huge pain afterwards. haha!
    That’s so exciting about your New Zealand trip! NZ made my wanderlust list when I heard about the Hobbiton movie set from my sister. I don’t know if where you’re going is near that, or if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings or not, but if you get the chance you should visit anyways because I’ve seen pictures and it’s seriously the cutest little place ever. haha!
    That was very rambling. lol. But anyways! Lovely post.

    Love, M.

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    1. Thanks M and yes I am going to Hobbiton! I really need to read them and watch everything before I go but I don’t know if I will have time. Fingers Crossed. 🙂


  2. Karen, I fall more and more in love with your blog with every post! Seriously I get so excited when I get an email notification that you have a new post up. This is beautiful, I love the photo collage, gorgeous! 😘

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