Namastay in Bed All Day


Namastay in Bed All Day‘ – is that the general consensus among students this time of the year? Yeah … you and me both buddy … but we soldier on knowing that in a fortnight’s time, ‘school’s out, we can sleep as late as we want too’.* Here’s a little lifestyle editorial for your viewing pleasure today in collaboration with Shhh Silk. They launched their online store a few weeks ago and specialise in fancy schamncy silk pillowcases to keep your hair silky soft (the puns continue, apologies). I’m a violent thrashing sleeper who often wakes up in the morning looking like Hermoine so hopefully this will minimise the damage. My favourite thing about these pillow cases aside from how they make me feel like Eloise at New York Plaza is that they come with a zip! I haven’t found a pillowcase with a zip ever – they usually have nothing or little fussy buttons that no one has time for. For some more dreamy photographs, check out Shhh Silk’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you are interested in learning more about my creative process, have a look at my Pinterest Board to see the inspiration behind this editorial.

Since this is a collaboration and all, I would like to address something that has been on rotation in the social media loop in the last week. As someone who uses Instagram and the like I feel like I should talk about the whole Social-Media-Is-Evil-Essena-O’Neil-Quits-Everything matter. I use my blog and other social media channels to express myself creatively and part of this process involves collaborations with companies and brands that I am proud of. I am proud to be working with Shhh Silk because I think the fact that the founder quit her 9-5 job to pursue something she was passionate about is inspiring. I have been offered paid content before but I’ve turned it down because it meant giving the reigns to someone else. I’m not saying that I will never publish a sponsored post but when I do, it will be disclosed and it will be in line with my brand. I also think very highly of my readers and I am confident that they are smart people who can tell that my content is staged. Because, no, I do not have breakfast in bed like this every morning. If you would also like to read another opinion on this click here for some lolz.

*Millennials I do hope you get that reference because if you don’t SHAME ON YOU 😉









Single Silk Pillowcase in ‘Blanc’ (c/o) Shhh Silk

Copper Wire Basket, Fairy Lights and Breakfast Tray from Kmart

Bustier from Cotton on Body (navy and pale blue are my favourites)

‘365’ Diary from Kikki-K 

 Bowl from Freedom; Vase from Ikea  

sign off



  1. Silk pillow cases sounds so luxury. A lot of my pillow cases from Södahl (a Danish brand) comes with a zipper and it’s really practical, as long as it’s a tiny zipper that doesn’t get entangled in your hair:) Regarding sponsored posts I think it’s fine as long as it’s not a majority of the posts and as long as it’s brands that you love and believe in:)

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  2. Wow this seriously looks like an editorial from a home magazine! You definitely have an eye for design 🙂 and I’ve read about silk pillowcases before and how good they are for your skin, I’ll definitely have to check these guys out. Hang in there Karen – only two weeks left!!! xx

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  3. Karen these photos are so dreamy!! And totally make me wanna stay in bed all day 😛 Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paid/sponsored content as long as it is genuine to your brand. The whole Essena thing seems like a bit of a gimmick to me- she’s receiving more attention now than she ever has before. Ironic or purposeful? Haha!

    Have a great week hum

    Rachel xx

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  4. This company sounds brilliant and particularly as they sell silk pillowslips – I’ve been encouraging people to use them for years and years as they really promote hair growth by preventing breakage in the night! It’s lovely to hear the founder quit her 9-5 to pursue something she was more inspired/passionate about as well 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

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